O. Semenenko, Y. Dobrovolsky, V. Koverga, O. Sechenev


Evolution of security technologies shows that only the concept of an integrated approach to information security can provide modern information security requirements. A comprehensive approach means the complex development of all the necessary methods and means of information protection. Today, the information exchange and information systems in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine have certain means and approaches to the destruction of information, but each of them has different estimates of the effectiveness of their use, as well as the different cost of their purchase and use. Therefore, the main purpose of the article is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of means of destroying confidential information of methods of its destruction to formulate practical recommendations for choosing the most effective and economically feasible for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The perfection of methods and means of destroying information from magnetic media is an important element of modern information security. The results of the analysis carried out in the article are the disclosure of the main features of modern devices for the elimination of magnetic records, as well as the ability to formulate a list of basic requirements for modern devices for the destruction of information from magnetic media.

Today, technical means of information security, in particular, the elimination of information on magnetic media, are constantly being improved, absorbing the latest advances in modern security technologies. Their model range, which takes into account the diversity of customer requirements, such as the type of energy supply, the level of mobility, reliability and operating conditions, expands. All this determines the relevance of research topics in this direction in the future.


Information security; destruction of information; the effectiveness of the destruction of information; magnetic storage media; a magnetic field; HDD; RAM.


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