O. Rudkovsky, A. Chernenko, P. Vankevych, V. Smychok


The article considers the main causes of the emergence, due to objective and subjective reasons, the negative situation, when the troops bear losses from the blows of their own or allied forces, as well as measures that senior commanders (chiefs) are required to take to minimize them.

Existing methods and methods of designating their units in the conditions of the mass clusters of personnel and combat equipment, with actions in a limited combat space, are investigated. The urgent need to designate not only the strike forces of assault aircraft but also the units of the ground forces, including each unit of military equipment and personnel (to a separate soldier), was substantiated.

The military doctrine of combat recognition in the armed forces of NATO member states is considered as the uniform standard of combat identification of military forces of coalition forces operating on the battlefield, which establishes a common algorithm of action for all Allied troops.

The efficiency of using separate means and methods by day, at night and in conditions of insufficient visibility is investigated; existing limitations in the use of recognition and identification signals that are related to the human factor and the technical capabilities of the means of recognizing soldiers, as in the case of pedestrian operations on the technique in the context of a quick battle.

The main methods and methods of application of the system that reduces the ability to dismount troops while conducting observation by the enemy are determined, but in their turn, they do not limit the reliability of identification of goals. The analysis of the prospects of combining the means of combat identification on the battlefield into a single integrated system, ways of its further development with the subsequent integration of individual elements into the set of combat equipment and armament of the soldier was carried out.

The focus is on the main directions of creating a unified guide on the use of forms and methods for identifying objectives for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the development of elements of such a unified system by the domestic military-industrial complex for the provision of units of the ground forces.


Systems of combat identification, «Friendly fire», protection of their units, defeat by the Allied fire, observation complex, and situational awareness.


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