М. Adamchuk, Y. Nоrchuk, I. Lugovskoy, О. Minko


In the article, the authors analyzed the methods of using artillery units in armed conflicts in modern conditions and carried out their graphical representation. The article defines the main and responsible role of artillery in deterring the enemy during the operation of the combined forces in the east of Ukraine, which is expressed in the work of applying different methods of artillery. Summarized the latest methods of using artillery units of the Land

Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, for the implementation of fire tasks, taking into account the periods of fire damage of the enemy during the resolution of the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine (the entrance to the anti-terrorist operation and the operation of the united forces). This definition is about the concept of how to use artillery units in battle. This article is not final in determining the methods of using artillery units in combat and needs further investigation, discussion, refinement and additions by specialists in this area. Practice shows that for implementation of some methods of using artillery units in combat, it is possible to use different types of fire or to combine them depending on the nature of the area. The direction of further research is the development of a methodology for determining the methods of using the Artillery units of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, which should take into account the weapons and nature of the enemy's actions, changes in the situation, peculiarities of the area, the combat capabilities of our artillery, the type of fire used. To solve this problem it is necessary to study in detail the various methods of using artillery units and to conduct an analysis, as well as to identify the most effective ones, which may be the basis for the task.


Аrtillery, Armed forces of Ukraine, image, operation of the joint forces.


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