V. Belikov, S. Kovalishyn, L. Papusha


The current level of development of robotic systems of armaments, military and special equipment is characterized by an accelerated transition to their construction on a modular basis. Due to this relatively small nomenclature of initial blocks-modules of lower levels can provide a large variety of the type of land-mobile robotic complexes of specialized functionality.

There is an opportunity to quickly adapt the necessary robotic military equipment to specific combat conditions, which guarantees the reliable performance of the assigned combat missions.

It is proposed to equip the transport platforms for robotic systems of armament, military and special technics by electromechanical engines on the basis of autonomous drive modules with driven forced electric motors on the basis of rareearth neodymium permanent magnets. At the same time, record high performance transshipment capacity is achieved, which dramatically increases the ability to overcome difficult road impediments.

The article deals with the design features of modular transport platforms for modern robotized weapons, military and special equipment systems, which are conditioned by the need for reliable delivery of weapons, ammunition, equipment, foodstuffs and medical supplies to the personnel on the line of contact with the enemy in difficult geoclimatic conditions.

It is shown that the necessary quality of realization of the assigned of combat tasks is ensured by the application of the installation on the platforms of autonomous electromechanical drives of driving wheels.


Surface works, module transport platforms, electrochemical energy sources, driving wheels, built-in driving electric motors, autonomous drive modules.


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