O. Sakno, T. Kolesnikova, V. Ollo, D. Moisia.


When using the latest technologies in the technical service of the vehicle, it necessary to comprehensively understand all aspects of vehicle maintenance and the introduction of modern technologies. The proposed hierarchical structure of the macrosystem can show all spheres: the geosphere, the atmosphere, the technosphere, the economic sphere, etc. The hierarchical structure of the technical operation of vehicles, which contains set of technological processes of maintenance and set of technical systems of a vehicle. Each new technology is divided into the following systems: a technological process and a technical system. Presents features of the synthesis of elements of technology, which is implemented on the basis of a recurrent sequence of vehicle technical service (seven stages of synthesis) and maintaining vehicle reliability by creating a system of a given level of complexity. The technology is structured on the basis of two systems (such as "technological process" and "technical system"); this scheme is implemented in two main directions. Between the stages and directions of this scheme, communications are implemented on the basis of a recurrent sequence of vehicle technical service. This allows consistently, taking into account the previous stage, as well as the possibility of returning and refining the results of maintaining the reliability of the vehicle to create systems of a given level of complexity. Systems of the type "process" and the technological system of the type "object" are in turn also structured into systems, subsystems of several levels and elements. All these objects and the level of the macrosystem are always in close connection with each other. On the basis of this modeling, technologies should be conducted taking into account the balance of material, energy, information flows.


Motor vehicle service, technology, technical system, technological process.


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